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    Is there a classic movie bloopers fandom because there needs to be one

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  3. "There’s a very distinct Kubrick-ian visual aesthetic to the show, and I think the two biggest influences for me in writing the show were Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch. I literally sat down with a blank page and said, ‘What would David Lynch do with Hannibal Lecter?’"Bryan Fuller on visual influences for Hannibal [x]

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  4. God, I love this music. Isn’t it too dreamy?

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    I don’t think any vampire movie will ever have a better opening set of scenes. 


    The Hunger (1983)

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    Historical provinces of Finland

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    Helsingin yliopisto - University of Helsinki

    Photo credits: [x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x]

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  11. cutesy:

    by Norwegian conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen

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    A Cloisonné Vase Mark of the Hayashi Kodenji Workshop.

    Japan, Meiji Period (1868-1912)

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  13. Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibit at the Met Museum.

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  14. Winona Ryder photographed by Mario Sorrenti, 2006.

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